Ma Che Storia!Project realized with the social cooperative AnimaGiovane and the Altresì Association, published by  Elledici. Specifically, the collaboration led to the animation of 12 episodes in mixed media (animation and shooting), for a total of 1:15 hour of 2D animation.                                                                                                                 
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May 2013

Ninja Vs RobotsSelf-produced short films in which our first mascotte Ninja likes to fight against the evil BitBots!November 2011

Teaser Parada Par Tucc 2012Teaser video for Parada Par tucc, the final event of a series of completely free workshops that are offered to the city of Como by volunteers, a time of sharing, celebration and growth at the end of a free path that increases knowledge of participants.
Music: Boogich Bulgar by The Freak Fandango Orchestra
The Freak Fandango Orchestra website Parada Par Tucc website
Giugno 2012

deComm: video for shop windowsA series of videos made for the deComm artisan workshop, we created the animation of the logo and we also dealt with the shooting for this mini-series of clips that can be viewed in a screen positioned on the shop window. Project realized with the contribution of the Municipality of Como.

deComm website
February 2020

Intel PromoSpot made for a contest with which promote Intel.December 2011