NovaLudica opening themeOpening theme made in Blender for "Novaludica Act 1", a comic convention which will be hold in Palmanova (Italy) on 2 and 3 of May 2015.
Tribute to the opening credits of the popular HBO TV series "Game of Thrones".                                                                                                                                                                  
Novaludica site
April 2015

MOBI-TA spotWe have made a couple of commercials for the EDC Group promotional campaign where the video footage are mixed with motion graphics to create clear, effective and dynamic productions. Shooting and video direction by Alessandro Di Federico Video Production.
MOBI-TA website
EDC Group website ADFvideo
Luglio 2016

Dinosaur augmented reality animationIn collaboration with G.D.S. Evolving we created animations of two dinosaurs that now can be admired through the augmented reality technology in the paleontological site "Villaggio Del Pescatore" (Trieste). Framing with a special tablet the reconstructions of the two dinosaur fossils on the site, visitors can see relive the prehistoric animals in their life-size. The dinosaurs fly, graze, scream and interact with their fossilized remains in engaging and highly accurate animations. Tripadvisor of the paleontological site G.D.S. Evolving website Novembre 2015 - Gennaio 2017

Broforce FanartIt is so long that Broforce has become an obsession, hours and hours spent to shoot and destroy anything that moves around the screen! This fanart is one of the tangible products generated by the obsession for the game. Satan is the final boss and has an objectively irresistible charm already in his pixelated version, the one proposed by 4Bit is his 3 dimensional version, enjoy (and play the game which is fantastic) !!!

Rendered using Cycles Render Engine
Gennaio 2017

Prehistoric aquariumAlong with the GDS Evolving we have realized this prehistoric aquarium in full CG. In the aquarium you can admire reproductions of animals now extinct. Animal movements and physical characteristics have been achieved with extremely high scientific accuracy.

Special thanks to Roberto Bianchi and Suleyman Ali Mumin Sacchi for the support on the CG production.

G.D.S. Evolving website Artstation Roberto Bianchi Behance Suleyman A.M.S.
November 2017