Teaser Fantamerenda!Here's the new teaser for a story that we hope we're gonna tell you soon!Bubbing made by Online Dubbing Squad.                                                                                                                  
sito ODS
March 2014

DropShort animation in flat style with a character who definitely does not suffer from vertigo, here is Drop!January 2014

Panzano - Rediscovered historyAnimations created for a short film that tells the past of the town of Panzano, born on the outskirts of Monfalcone shipyard. Direction and drawings by Saul Daru, a Kallipolis and Territori project, people and memories between Carso and Isonzo, realized with the contribution of the Region Friuli V.G. the Municipality of Monfalcone and Cultural Consortium of Monfalcone.
Saul Darù website Kallipolis website
July 2013

Eventi - Scatti FormativiVideo presentation of the formative events of AnimaGiovane cooperative for the year 2013/2014August 2013

Opening theme - 1234Opening theme of an internet format created for AnimaGiovane.June 2013