Barchetta Lucia deCommThis is how the idea of the illustration Barchetta Lucia was born in the mind of Maddalena Colombo aka DeComm. The video is the wonderful work of Barbara Bonizzi performed some time ago during her internship here in the studio. Congratulations Barbara, a really lovely animation!
Barbara Bonizzi
December 2019

Mellin SnacktoonsIn this Mellin spot for the promotion of the Snacktoons line is presented Maiscrock! Intended for diffusion through Youtube, it is made in 2D mixed animation technique with illustrations and photographic elements that share the same scene.The project was carried out in collaboration with Lorenzo Giol, talented storyteller, artistic director and animator. Take a look at his website!
Lorenzo's website
January 2021

Keglevich - Skip Ordinary Moscow Mule#SkipOrdinaryMoscowMule is an animation made in stopmotion technique for Keglevich Italia. In this project we took care of creating the animation of all the graphic elements. The entire production we made was directed and supervised by the Sfelab studio.
Sfelab website
Giugno 2021

Brain-Out TutorialThe 3D part of the animation was rendered completely in RealTime using Unity3D's High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). Effects and color grading were also applied directly to the Unity scene using the software's Post-processing system. The animation was created in collaboration with the Sfelab studio for the client Brain-Out .
June 2021

voxel family tripvoxel excaliburvoxel freezevoxel umbrella
Voxel Art CollectionA small collection of models made in cubes! We've added the third dimension to our beloved pixels , and now VOXEL for everyone! Check out the collection on Sketchfab by clicking on the link below!
Sketchfab Voxel Collection
December 2021