Decentraland WearablesHere it is the Bit Polygon Suit - Chest! It is a NFT that can be purchased on the Decentraland marketplace. By purchasing the NFT you access the possibility of wearing the skin inside the Decentraland metaverse!
Marketplace Link
February 2022

Otto l'aquilottoFor this project in collaboration with Sfelab we oversaw the creation of the Augmented Reality APP. Thanks to the collaboration with Lorenzo Giol we have also reworked the character of Otto in 3D graphics so as to be able to create the animated content to be included in the APP. We took care of all aspects of the 3D pipeline such as modeling, rigging, animation in Blender and shading in Unity
Sito Sfelab
Sito Lorenzo Giol
Sito Punto Otto
November 2022

Pimiento Fire Promo LivePromotional videos with the function of transmitting the harmony of choreography and the suggestion caused by the ability of the performers to dominate the fire during a live event.
Pimiento Fire FB Page
July 2015

Sunset main characterSUNSET: BROKEN EMBERS is a Sci-Fi TPS set in a near future where space exploration has brought humans to colonize new planets in search of the resources depleted on Earth.For this 906Games title we took care of the complete creation of the main character. We performed the 3D modeling, texturing, shading in Unreal Engine operations and adaptation of the animation rig.
Game website
June 2023

Comete ServiceThe ComeTe service was created to offer a personalized response to families looking for a customer care solution, we have achieved this promotional video that summarizes all the key points of the service. The video is presented in a completely two-dimensional style, easily understandable, but it has a special feature, each time a ComeTe assistant come on stage the animation takes softness, depth and more three-dimensional rendering; this graphic expedient allowed us to express how the ComeTe assistance can improve the condition of patients.
ComeTe Website
November 2015