Carotina Super Bip© - Third season on SkyAfter the success of the first two seasons broadcasted in Italy from 2013, the third season of Carotina Super Bip© was aired in November 2016 in Italy on Sky (Nick Jr.) and in France on Nickelodeon! 4Bit has contributed to several episodes of the series making the animation of different scenes for Fenix Studios who oversaw the entire production of the animated series by Lisciani Group. Fenix Studios is a company that creates, develops and produces animated TV series to international broadcasters such as RAI, Disney and Nickelodeon, therefore it was very stimulating to cooperate with them.

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December 2016

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Virtual Reality Prati CompanyOn the occasion of Labelexpo 2017 we created a Virtual Reality App for cardboard with which visitors could immerse themselves in a fantastic world characterized by fascinating and spectacular pictures.The app allows you to enjoy immersive 360 ° stereoscopic video content with a UHD 4K resolution accompanied by a soundtrack made with the spatial audio technique (ambisonic).

Prati Company website
September 2017

Broforce 3D charactersWhen a year ago we made Satan's 3D fanart we never expected that Free Lives would have noticed and appreciated it. Now the South African video game development company has asked us to make 4 other 3D models of the characters that are part of their incredible Broforce!! We are pleased to present you Rambro, B.A.Broracus, Brommando and MacBrover! An important thanks to Roberto Bianchi who gave his fundamental contribution to the realization of the models!

Free Lives website Roberto Artstation
April 2018

La Sportiva Strange Heroes: Barbara Zangerl4Bit took care of creating the pixel-art style animations of this chapter in the series "La Sportiva Strange Heroes" produced by the Sfelab studio. A fun and stimulating production that brings out the true 4Bit soul!

Sfelab website
December 2017

Opera domani - Elisir d’amoreA simple but extremely effective 2D animation created to tell the story of Nemorino's love affairs, protagonist of the theatrical show "Elisir d'amore" brought on stage by Opera Domani. This project was created thanks to the talent of several professionals: the illustrations were made by Agnese Franchini and pursued adapted to the animation by Giulio Perez, the storyboard is the work of Roberto Bianchi while 4Bit has been involved in animation.

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September 2018