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Intercultura Italia has just published a mini-series of promotional videos that show the beauties of Italy seen by foreign kids hosted in our country. The videos are a mix of animated techniques integrated in video footage and have been made by 4Bit in collaboration with FocusIn Production.

Here is an example of one of these videos, to see the complete series visit the intercultura.it/come-to-italy site.

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    Open Design Conference 2017

Saturday, February 18 will be held in Pordenone the Open Design Conference 2017, the first and still the only Italian Conference on Open Source Design. 4bit that always uses Blender (free software and open-source) as the main tool for 3D production, will participate with a talk in the morning and a workshop in the afternoon. Main argument: the use of open-source computer graphics software in a context of professional production. Come and visit us!



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It is so long that Broforce has become an obsession, hours and hours spent to shoot and destroy anything that moves around the screen! This fanart is one of the tangible products generated by the obsession for the game. Satan is the final boss and has an objectively irresistible charm already in his pixelated version, the one proposed by 4Bit is his 3 dimensional version, enjoy (and play the game which is fantastic) !!!

Rendered using Cycles Render Engine

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    Carotina Terza Stagione

After the success of the first two seasons broadcasted in Italy from 2013, the third season of Carotina Super Bip© was aired in November 2016 in Italy on Sky (Nick Jr.) and in France on Nickelodeon! 4Bit has contributed to several episodes of the series making the animation of different scenes for Fenix Studios who oversaw the entire production of the animated series by Lisciani Group. Fenix Studios is a company that creates, develops and produces animated TV series to international broadcasters such as RAI, Disney and Nickelodeon, therefore it was very stimulating to cooperate with them. 


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A TV commercial that invites guys to travel and discover the world and themselves, the memory of the experience thanks to Intercultura fills the eyes of the guys of an emotion that pierces the screen.

The spot aired from November 6, 2016 on Mediaset.

Visit the Intercultura website by clicking this link.




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